A Promotional Tweak

You may notice a new heading on this website.  

I have just added a page called Commercials and Voice-Overs to promote my growing side business.  Also, I’ve just invested in a new computer and preamp and the sound out of my little studio is better than ever.

I’ve done voice work “on the side” for more than 20 years but it’s been pretty steady since I moved to London.  This year I have been fortunate enough to add some bigger clients to my roster including Sunwing Vacations and its US company Vacation Express.  It’s no exaggeration to say that my studio gets a workout every weekday.  I’m grateful to be kept working on an aspect of broadcasting that I truly love.  There are a few samples of my current work on the page.  I do nothing but “voice”.  Mixing, the addition of music and sound effects are all done at the other end of the pipeline.

My “aircheck” page for coaching is now offline but I’m still doing reports for clients on a monthly basis.  I’m just changing it up a bit, for now, with regard to what I want to focus on.  So feel free to spread the word that there’s an experienced voice with feet for hire who is just a click away!  Thank you.