Cat Tales

I’ve slowed the ant invasion to a trickle. It hasn’t been easy. It involved a lot of poisonous bait inside and out and a few completely futile attempts at finding the colony. But the occasional industrious critter is still coming in so a pest control company will spray the entire house, inside and out, on Friday. 

That means no living creatures can be inside for a 4-hour window.  Because hubby will be working and then at a business lunch he’s got it pretty easy!  But me and Spice, we have to find a way to pass four hours together, him in a carrying crate and me as I am.

Spice on a couch with my hand in the frame, rubbing him under the chin as he looks at me with half-open eyes

So what can you do with a frickin’ house cat for four hours when you’re not in a house?  The world is full of doggy day-cares and dog parks and other dog-friendly locations but not so much when it comes to our feline friends. Spice is an exclusively indoor cat. He doesn’t even wear a collar. Putting a leash on him is out of the question.  Even if I could find someone who would let me come and hang out for 4 hours, what if Spice had to answer the call of nature?  Everyone I know within a reasonable driving distance has a pet of their own so the point is moot anyway.

He doesn’t bowl. He’s not much for shopping and I don’t think he’d be allowed in the mall. I can’t take him to a restaurant and I won’t leave him in the car while I go have fun somewhere. If a ride to the vet is anything to go by, he will scream kitty murder the entire time!

My brother suggested a visit to the kitty spa but he’s an older dude, doesn’t really like being handled and I really don’t trust anyone with him where I can’t see them. Call me paranoid. Derek thinks I should call on the good graces of the Pastor at the church up the street and see if he’ll let us occupy a room. I feel odd about that, not being a church-goer and all. We’ll see.

The best idea I’ve come up with so far is to take a book or my Kobo and sit in Springbank Park and read, with Spice in his crate on a picnic table. The weather is supposed to be good so that’s a bonus. But I just can’t believe there’s nothing better for us to do. I guess there’s just no need for a daytime hangout for cats.  Until tomorrow, anyway.