That Ant Can’t Move a Rubber-Tree Plant

To put a new twist on the old song, that ant may have had high hopes, but he can’t do much if he’s dead!  Abell Pest Control was recommended to us by a friend in the real estate business. They weren’t cheap by a long shot.  But they have the good stuff and we don’t.  The guy was professional and thorough. He started outside and found a couple of areas where there’s wet wood that ants are living in and where they could get into our house.  For example, the caulking had come away from the central air conditioner hook-up.  That got repaired in a hurry! And the wood where the ants were living? Well, that’s going to be disposed of too. But for now, it’s the tomb of the unknown ants.

As you may know, Spice and I had to vacate the premises for about 4 hours on Friday while the spray dried inside.  He sprayed everywhere we saw ants, put out stronger-than-retail bait in some areas where we believe they were coming in and explained the whole deal.  Often times the main colony can never be located.  It can be in a beam in a wall (shudder) or under a dripping drain in a shower.  But it doesn’t really matter if you’ve killed them all.

Yes I realize I’m talking about murdering little living creatures!  But it was them or me.

What the spray concoction does is create a barrier between them and food.  So they either pick up the bait and take it back to the colony where everyone is poisoned or they simply … starve.  I really hope this doesn’t affect my karmic balance because I’ve been a pretty good person so far!

Abell guarantees no ants for a year.  If we see them, we make a phone call and they do the whole deed again.  So far so good.  The day after spray-day hubby saw one dead ant.  That’s been the only sighting.  I even went into the laundry room in bare feet!  You can’t put a price on that kind of confidence.