Dear Kindle, It’s not Me, It’s You

Wasn’t it just a few days ago when I proclaimed that Venus Rising would not be published on Kobo for a few months? Yeah, well, forget that. It’s on Kobo now!  

The whole “Kindle only” idea works for some writers.  But it already isn’t working for me. For some reason (which I cannot get an explanation for) my book is still not enrolled in the Lending Library. That, to me, was the main reason to go exclusively on Kindle. It’s a long story but when a reader checks out the ebook, there’s a payment to the author.  But if I’m left out then what’s the point?

There isn’t one. So Venus Rising is now available on Kobo for the princely sum of $2.99, same as on Kindle. Link is here: Venus Rising. I made a mistake but the good part is that I realized it quickly and did something about it. As always, if you do decide to read my book, I would greatly appreciate a review of it or, failing that, a simple star-rating on Kobo’s website. Thank you!