Venus Rising – Now on Kindle!

Venus Rising: The humble beginnings of self-made women, is now on sale as a Kindle eBook.  

Even though I have a Kobo, I chose to go with Kindle only for the first three months.  As an independent writer, it’s important that you try to spread the word that you have a book out. With The Naked Truth, the story sort of sold itself. I attracted lots of media attention simply because other media types know of me and the story intrigued them.  But this time it’s a little bit different. So I will benefit from extra promotion and other incentives by enrolling in KDP select exclusively, at first.  I won’t even be able to download my own book until October!

Venus Rising is a collection of brief biographies of famous women put together with a single purpose: inspiration.  Once you read what some of these women endured, and had the guts to attempt, it’s my hope that whatever it is that may be holding you back from trying something you want to do will seem small by comparison.  Some of them were sexually abused.  Some endured sexism, racism and sheer stupidity from their colleagues and supervisors. Shania Twain grew up in a level of poverty that most of us can’t even begin to imagine and then had the responsibility for her whole family forced on her at a young age. Heather Mills always wanted to be a skiing champion and she’s pursuing that goal right now, despite having only one leg. Madonna had to dumpster-dive for food while she struggled to make it in New York City.

Some of their experiences were less serious. Debbie Travis has an enviable career in television despite being fired early on for putting upside-down footage into a news story. Maya Angelou simply refused to give up when she was denied a job and came back every day until she wore people down and a no became a yes. While her equally talented sister crumbled in the face of rejection, Jennifer Lopez forged ahead and just assumed her critics were wrong. Every one of these women overcame challenges that you can’t see in them today but they carry them, like we all do, as part of their stories. The difference between them and so many others is these women kept going with their eyes on the prize.

If you’d like to take a look at the book, I thank you, and I practically beg you to leave a review on Amazon when you’re finished!  Reviews are crucial to independent authors. Here is the link: