It’s Curtains

Our bedroom curtains needed replacing.

The colour scheme has changed a bit and I’m just tired of the two-tone silk drapes with grommets.  And there are few things I enjoy more than a decorating decision.

Recently we moved our flat screen TV from our bedroom, where it was rarely watched, to the living room mantle. It’s our Netflix TV but we’re not much for watching shows and movies in bed. We discussed camouflaging the black minolith when it wasn’t in use and I decided to make a slipcover, sort of a TV cozy. I found an interesting fabric online featuring the Eiffel Tower, a structure for which I have a lot of affection. My Eiffel candle holder already graces the mantle. (Thanks again Betty!)

Long story short, once the fabric arrived I had already decided against the TV cover. But what to do with two yards of special, almost burlap fabric? Using it over the bedroom window seemed logical since that was my immediate need, but there wasn’t enough of it to make proper drapes.

beige curtain with small black Eiffel Towers and French writing

Turns out all I needed to do was make a proper rectangle out of the material which I did using Measure It  tape and some heavy-duty iron-on bonding material, found at Fabricland. I ironed some folds to make it hang nicely, moved the rod up about an inch, added a package of curtain rings with clips and voila – it’s something that’s more art installation than a curtain. I wouldn’t want this material all bunched up anyway because then you couldn’t see what it was. We never move the window covering because there’s a light-blocking blind behind. The colour is perfect and it brings a little how-you-say, Francais into the boudoir.

I love the idea of having a look that you can’t find in a store. Sometimes my ideas work, sometimes they’re stinkers. I’m happy with how this one turned out.