Some Favourite Moments of 2013

These photos didn’t make the Twitterverse or even this blog, I don’t think. But each one brings back a delightful memory of the year. Dave and Lindy of Bethanys Hope have become great pals of ours and of Free-FM. They are wonderful people who turned the unthinkable tragedy of losing a young daughter into a busy Foundation that raises money to help other families. I’m proud to know them.

The Big Show and Lindy and Dave McIntyre from Bethanys Hope

Avery Moore, my newsroom colleague, hugs Derek with genuine affection, before we all take part in the Hyde Park Santa Claus Parade!  Avery is a bright light in my work life. She’s got a rare, fun, spirit and a depth of character that delights me.

Avery Moore, my 26-year-old newsroom colleague hugs Derek in front of the Free-FM vehicle all decked out for Christmas.

Derek, Blair and I each gussied up a pumpkin and we raced them in the river for a silly morning show video.  The Thames moves faster than we anticipated. Derek’s engineered pumpkin left us in its wake. But didn’t mine look pretty?

A pumpkin clad in pink fabric, with a pink feather boa and two wooden spoons sticking out of the sides like wings. On top is a big cardboard smile.

For his part of the Movember fundraiser, in addition to growing a moustache, Derek also endured a prostate exam which I recorded (audio only!) for the radio. The idea was to show men how quickly it was over. And it was.  And he’s healthy.  I caught this moment as we waited for the doctor to return. Typical Derek!

Derek sitting on an exam table with a sheet over him from the waist down pretending to sign into the bulb of an overhead examination lamp!

Downtown London looked exquisite the night of a pretty major snowstorm. We had endured a frigid walk to Budweiser Gardens to see the London Knights play. The weather was horrible.  Icy pellets slapped us in the face and despite being properly dressed, I was frozen. But from inside, looking at Covent Garden Market, the storm made the city look beautiful.  It’s all about perspective.

A view of a downtown street at Covent Garden Market inside a building that features very tall windows, at night, in a pretty snowstorm.