The Gift of Imagination

I received many wonderful things this Christmas but I’m most excited about a bunch of little plastic pots in cardboard carriers. 

a couple dozen small jars with coloured dots on them sitting on top of a distressed-finished table


These are paints and finishing products from the Van Gogh Chalk Paint collection and they’re sitting on a table I painted and distressed using chalk paint.  These two boxes contain more fun for me than you can imagine.  They’ll allow me to bring old, dated furniture to life in the coming years. Their arrival means I’ll get to comb junk stores and kijiji to find tables and cabinets that time forgot and think of ways to make them useful again. You’ll notice I said I’d “get to” do this? It’s something I love to do!

Along with the paints came gift certificates to put toward a painting course with Van Gogh retailer Stan Portley’s here in London.

This is my idea of excitment!  One day I’d like to tap into the market where I can sell my finished wares. But for now, it’s enough to just produce them and get lost in the process of it.