Month: January 2014

The Itch to B*tch

I’ve always had a knack for complaining effectively. Companies have sent me all sorts of stuff over the years to make up for their mistakes. I once got an entire Weekender wardrobe after one of my outfits developed pills following one wash. Remember Weekender?  

Rights Can be Wrong

This is a sticky story that gets me a little fired up. It’s about accommodating for someone’s special situation, such as a disability, and it seems to me it’s getting out of control.  A Hamilton mom is proving it with her human rights complaint.  

Dry Your Swoobs

First there was cleavage. Then came side-boob. I’ve also heard of top-boob. But did you know there’s now a thing called swoobs?  It’s sweat on your boobs. 

Missed Target

I like Target stores. I’m unashamed to admit that! And as soon as they opened in Canada, I stopped making treks to Port Huron to visit them. But you have to wonder why major retailers can’t keep customer information safe. 

Studio Issues or How I Became an Amateur Engineer

There was a puzzling problem with a voice-over I did late last week. The client could hear faint music in the background. I could not. But as we know, my hearing isn’t top-notch so I checked with a couple of other people and they couldn’t hear it either. 

Suspended Coffee

I love, love, love this idea that started locally in a Windsor coffee shop.  Instead of buying for the person behind you, who can obviously afford their own coffee, you pay it forward for someone who can’t.  

Blow up That Bridge

NOTE: I have learned that this is a hoax. Or at least, it started that way. It was meant to inspire exactly the kind of discussion I’ve started here. So life imitates art. Read on: Perhaps you’ve heard of the thigh gap. It’s the determination to be so thin that your thighs don’t rub together. …

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Secrets to Success

People often ask me what the secret is to writing a book. I always say, there’s no secret, you just do it. You have to actually put in the time and the fingers to the keyboard. That’s the big secret!  

Out of This World

This week I discovered that a former colleague from CHML Hamilton is in the final 1,000 who want to travel to and settle Mars.  The trip taking four semi-pro astronauts one way is scheduled to leave in 2023.  More than 200,000 people applied to take the ride.  

Honour Among Thieves

A robber in southern Spain got a shock this week when he went through the loot he took from a home burglary. 

My Biggest Challenge

Every year it’s the same. There’s a point where I become simply perplexed why I continue to live in this country – that I love – when this season has us in its grip. I look on the bright side, find ways to cope and endure, sing a happy song until I hit a virtual …

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Tough Advice

Occasionally I’m asked to read the writing of someone I don’t know very well.  They occasionally approach me to ask for my opinion and I’m loathe to say no because it’s difficult for them to do. This isn’t a problem if they have talent but there’s no way to know at the start.  And it’s …

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Fluevog = Happy

Some time ago I mentioned my desire to own a pair of Fluevogs. It’s not like they’re totally out of reach price-wise but I wanted to wait until I got a deal. There are very few Fluevog stores in Canada so I’d have to make an online order.