Month: January 2015

Review: Cake

Hollywood as a whole expected Jennifer Aniston to get an Academy Award nomination for her starring role in the movie Cake. Unfortunately, she was passed over. Her character, Claire, is suffering from chronic pain and in a support group where she’s the only one who’s not all sunshine and sweetness. She hurts and she’s wearing …

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Ethics Shmethics

Behaving in an ethical manner should not have to be declared as a condition of employment. It comes from within, this knowing of the difference between right and wrong, although organized religion has done a bang-up job of trying to tie it to their ideologies. A child knows the difference. Adult broadcasters know the difference. …

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Maybe They Thought We Knew

Have you been to a movie theatre lately? We prefer to go the VIP theatre route. Although it’s more expensive it’s also much more comfortable and people tend to behave better, overall. Even though there’s bar service, we haven’t had any candy-bag-rattlers, screen back-talkers or other disruptions while in VIP. 

House Proud – Adhesive Measuring Tape Proves a Must-Have

On my first trip to Nashville many years ago, I picked up a few unusual trinkets as souvenirs. My Lynn Anderson pill box fell apart long ago but my City of Nashville keychain tape measure is still going strong. You wouldn’t believe how many times that little thing has come in handy while I’m shopping. 

Review: American Sniper

I don’t know what I expected. American Sniper is the true story of Chris Kyle, the US Navy Seal credited as the most lethal sniper in American military history. It stars Bradley Cooper and it’s the first film made by his own production company, directed by Clint Eastwood. Despite the title and my familiarity with …

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Go Sports!

There’s a terrific episode of The Big Bang Theory where Penny allows Leonard to come over and watch football with her and her friends. Leonard, in case you don’t know, is a brilliant scientist who knows nothing about football, baseball, golf, rugby, hockey, cricket or probably even speed walking. He’s a geek. So he ruins …

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I Am Charlie

When I was a kid, I went through a worrier phase. I was anxious about another ice age after reading an article written by a scientist who predicted one. I fretted over the possibility of pandemics (although I didn’t know the word) and grew concerned over just about anything in the news that was out …

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My Last Comment on Cosby (Unless He’s In the News and I Can’t Avoid It)

It came to me after I posted a tweet and it started a long and thoughtful conversation between many men on Facebook. (My tweets automatically post to Facebook in a two-for -one social media update.) The tweet read, “Dear world at large, if 25+ people come forward accusing me of virtually the same heinous thing, …

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The First House

My Big Show cohost Blair and his girlfriend Laura recently bought their first house. It was Laura’s birthday so they combined that with a housewarming on the weekend and we got our first peek inside. It’s a gorgeous little place, all finished inside and decorated with Laura’s excellent taste. It’s located in a sought-after part …

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The Interview – Part 1

By now you’ve been unable to escape the hype, confusion and likely b.s. about the comedy, The Interview, and how it has supposedly raised the hackles of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Imagine, someone makes a movie centred on your assassination and you get upset! But I digress. Today I’m going to share the …

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Reality Bites in my (Ample) Butt!

Yeah, it’s that time. New year, new start. No more candy or junk food within my sight, please. It’s time to get to know more vegetables and reacquaint myself with the treadmill again, for more than just airing out clothing!