The Best Times to Shop

While we’re on vacation, I’m reposting some of my favourite blog posts of the past. 

I know, I know, there are some people who would say “Never!”  But Smart Money in the US claims to reveal the best times to buy certain items.  They claim it also translates to Canadian retailers, so let’s give it a look, shall we? 

Sunday: Major appliances.  Big retailers drop their prices on weekends to look good against the competition. Groceries, if you clip coupons. Personal care items. Store flyer discounts tend to kick in on Sundays.

Monday:  Cars. Car dealers either want to recover from a crappy weekend or keep the momentum going from a good one. Either way, they know they’ll get tire kickers again next weekend but the weekdays worry them. Electronics: Retailers try to capitalize on web traffic picking up on their sites on Mondays.

Tuesday:  Airfare. They say airlines post sales on Monday night so things get into a frenzy by Tuesday afternoon with airfare wars and duelling seat deals.

Thursday: Clothing. Most retailers start weekend sales on Thursdays, they say.

There are exceptions to all of these of course but the site claims its advice holds true in the big picture.  So today, Saturday, is apparently a crappy day for shopping for just about anything. But that won’t stop millions from doing so.

This post was originally published on July 28, 2012.