Month: July 2017

Lucky Bucket

My brother Kevin is finally home after one of his bucket-list adventures: a motorcycle trip to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. It sits on the northern-most part of the US highway system – in fact, 10 miles north of the actual highway. Sarah Palin couldn’t see Russia from Prudhoe Bay, but that country isn’t far away. 

You’re Sweet Enough

The next time you pour Sucralose, Aspartame or Stevia into a beverage in hopes of being healthier and perhaps even losing weight, consider this: there’s little data about the long-term effects of these non-sugar sweeteners on your health. And a new study from the University of Manitoba finds they may actually be linked to weight …

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Bristling for Change

Wire BBQ brushes are back in the news and in front of Health Canada. It’s conducting an investigation after nine injuries were reported to have been caused by the brushes, in the past few years. Sometimes wires come off the brushes and land in the food. They end up in people’s tongues or throats and …

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Review: The Best Kind of People by Zoe Whittall

This novel was one of the darlings of Canadian publishing last year. It was nominated for this, won that, short-listed for something else – does it bother you that I didn’t even share the specific prizes? That’s kind of what reading this book is like.

Happy Birthday Wee Gal

Today is Miss Sugar’s 11th birthday. She is the junior-senior of our senior cat duo, adopted from the London Humane Society when she was nine. The first thing we did was change her name from Kitty. Talk about unimaginative!

Who’s Allowed to Criticize Patton Oswalt and a Neighbourly Update

If you don’t know Patton Oswalt, please allow me to introduce you. I’ve been a fan so long, I used to have to order his stand-up comedy CDs (CDs!) from the US. He’s funny, smart, original and thinky without being Dennis-Miller-over-my-head thinky. He also played Spence on King of Queens and a computer geek/genius on …

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Adversely Affected by Advil

You may remember Cousin Kim from Erin Davis’ retirement show. She was my “date”. She’s a great lady and one of Derek’s favourite first cousins. Now, Kim is coming through a terrible ordeal as the result of seemingly “safe” over-the-counter medication. 

The Sweetest Rap Video Ever

Confession: I’ve watched this video several times and it’s always been on mute. I don’t really care about the song. Macklemore isn’t my thing. A 34-year-old rapper doesn’t want to be my thing. But what he is, is a caring, sweetheart of a guy who loves his Grandma.

Falling Behind

The motorcycle industry is hurting. This isn’t anything new. It hasn’t really recovered since sales plummeted in the mid 2000s when the economy took a hit and the first things people gave up were their “play” items. They stopped buying sports cars, boats and bikes. When things started to pick up again, motorcycle manufacturers found …

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Throwback Thursday – Bye-bye Bears

Considering the amount of time I’ve spent in my old hometown lately and the Facebook friends I have from high school including the group dedicated just to my class year, you’d think I would have caught wind of the farewell party for the school itself. But no one breathed a word about it until afterward. …

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