Throwback Thursday – Best Pizza in Town

I’m pretty sure that Robbies Pizza was the first pizza I ever ate. That is correct – not Robbie’s; Robbies. I unearthed one of their flyers in a pile of my father’s stuff.

Robbies was perfectly located for our visits to family in Brantford. It was long before the 403 extended that far. As we headed out of town on #2 (Colborne), back toward Niagara and home, we could stop and pick up a pie. I don’t even remember its attributes except that it was delicious and we all looked forward to it.

As a kid, I didn’t even know that Robbies had other locations. I thought it was a special, Brantford-only thing.

Flyer shows pizza prices start at $1.25 for a large, cheese only. Robbies doesn't have an apostrophe but they use one in "its" for the sentence, "Pizza at it's best!"

Long time Brantfordians still talk about Robbies, although it closed in the early 1990s. Most agree that it was the best pizza in town. The prices look incredibly cheap – a few bucks would cover a large with a few toppings – but it was relative to the times – the 1970s. Brantford’s other must-stop for us as a family was the downtown chip wagon. I never knew its name – it was just a chip truck – but I can still smell the hot, salty fries, doused in vinegar and dipped in ketchup. Is anybody else hungry?

PS. It did not escape my attention that the name Robbies has no apostrophe but they used the wrong “its” on the front of their flyer!

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Best Pizza in Town”

  1. OMG I thought of you today. There was a huge building – a wood mill of some sort – with the words painted across it: BC LUMBER AT IT S FINEST (or something like that – I couldn’t get Rob to turn the car around). But there was a space between IT and S – and I think originally there was an apostrophe there and someone saw that it was wrong and went up and painted over it. How I’d have loved a closer look! On the topic of pizza – as kids in Trenton it was Jim’s Pizza and no other. When we learned they made pasta it was life changing. But later found out there were other stores – may still be one in Brighton ON. If you ever worked with Mikey Christos, his family apparently ran it! Anyway I digress. I remember the dough ball in the centre of the XL to keep the box lid from collapsing on it. Oh jeez, now I’m gonna write a blog about it. If I’m plagiarizing, I owe you a Jim’s Pizza. Or Robbies!!!

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