A Frickin’ Lion Safari

It was purely coincidental that I had just been to see some majestic lions and other beautiful African creatures when Cecil the lion was brutally killed by the most hated dentist in the world. I joined my Little Sister Tabitha, her partner Nick and their son – my grandson – Ryker, on a beautiful sunny day at African Lion Safari.  …

Behold–The New Studio

Not only are the ants and the old-carpet smell gone, not only is there a terrific new floor, brighter lighting and the bins of storage crap and the trophies have been removed, but the sound from my recording set-up is better than ever. Winning! 


Behind the room divider, which has a fuzzy, thick sofa throw attached with Velcro for sound absorption, is my neat and tidy desk. There’s a place for everything and everything, so far, is in its place. The futon is more comfortable than its average cousin and the red rug is a handwoven wool item I got for a song at an antique shop.

I scoured the Internet for a bamboo bead curtain to hang over the awkwardly-sized closet door. I found a company in Montreal that shipped it quickly. The way they packed it was pure genius. While measuring and installing, I stepped on that thing a half-dozen times and nothing cracked or came out of place.


Everything except the futon and curtain is either second-hand or has been repurposed from another room or function. Yes, those are area rugs on the wall beside and behind my desk to eliminate echo. I made the fabric window curtain from an old, long curtain with grommets. There are a few odds and ends to put in place but now that it’s done, I don’t know why I put this off. Along the way I emptied a half-dozen bins of stuff that will either help with a church yard sale or get recycled. I’ve always been one to get ‘er done, and after the way this redo lifted my spirits, I won’t procrastinate again


And the king of the castle obviously approves, too.