A Star is Born

long, silver RE-20 microphone on a mic stand

Flashback Friday

This week of flashbacks to my most-read posts comes to an end as I am no doubt searching for my slotted spoon and other necessities. And next week, I’m beginning a new blogging schedule and Miss Sugar moves to a new date. (HINT: there won’t be a fresh post on Monday. It’s all three-day weekends from now on, around here!)

screen shot from A Star is Born. Lady Gaga as Ally performs on stage for the first time while Jack (Bradley cooper) plays guitar and watches in admiration

Supportive Stars

Watching the mutual support between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga reminds me of so many times in radio when that wasn’t the case for me. It’s clear that Cooper and Gaga have true affection for each other. The cold, hard fact is, they’re promoting a movie, but they’re doing it with grace and admiration. When you find that in broadcasting, it’s rare, as I’m sure my radio colleagues will testify.