Flashback Friday

long, silver RE-20 microphone on a mic stand

This week of flashbacks to my most-read posts comes to an end as I am no doubt searching for my slotted spoon and other necessities. And next week, I’m beginning a new blogging schedule and Miss Sugar moves to a new date. (HINT: there won’t be a fresh post on Monday. It’s all three-day weekends from now on, around here!)

The popularity of Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born helped this post become one of my most read. Cooper’s and Lady Gaga’s supportive real-life relationship got me thinking about my own past radio partners. They ran the gamut from borderline evil to brotherly. Oh, and there was the one I was sleeping with! (Derek! Who did you think?!)

Maybe it was the dishing of (anonymous) radio dirt. Or perhaps it was the lure of Cooper and Gaga. But this is one of my most-read posts of all time.

Post: Supportive Stars

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