The Road Less Travelled

We’re living in an apartment for a while and there’s less to do, chore-wise. So, if we don’t get out and get busy, all we’ll do is work. On a related note, I saw a drink coaster recently that said, “Don’t confuse having a career with having a life”. I did have those two confused for a good, long while. It’s kind of ironic that drink coasters have become so wise when I see so few of them anymore.

Throwback Thursday: Do I Make You Corny?

You have to be of a certain age to remember Hee Haw. It’s not a reference you can throw into casual conversation when there’s a variety of ages present. The collection of country performers and sketches about hicks aired from 1969-1992. In his autobiography, Buck Owens called it a “cartoon donkey” and admitted to humiliating himself for several weeks a year on the show, strictly for the paycheque. Corny isn’t a strong enough word to describe Hee Haw but it was much-loved anyway. …

Throwback Thursday – I (Don’t) Remember When

An old friend from the Wingham/CKNX days posted an old photo of me on Facebook last weekend. Usually, I can tell by the hairstyle – or my hair’s lack of style – what year it was. I’m pretty sure this was taken early on in my four-year stint at ‘NX. But I’m not certain.  …