My Latest Tattoo

That title might not be accurate. I don’t really know when I got this particular tattoo – my fourth. But Lisa, you may ask, how can you not know? It turns out there’s a lot I don’t know about it, and perhaps you don’t either.

portrait photo of Rob Lowe

The Grinder

It’s a Rob Lowe-Fred Savage comedy that was cancelled too soon. It’s also my new nickname, given by my dentist. I’m the grinder. And I’d like to warn you about a recommended solution that went horribly wrong. Caution: Mentions of Rob Lowe have now passed and there will be no further Rob Lowe info in this post.* If you require more Rob Lowe, please scroll back up to the top and look at him again.  …

To Tell the Tooth

It’s been more than a year since I lost a tooth. It was always a troublesome one. When it needed a small filling, it turned grey. So I got a veneer on it, which lasted several years until I swallowed it while eating a caramel apple at the Western Fair. Then one day while driving home from work, it just made a break for it. I called the gap it left behind, my hillbilly tooth.  …