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Kloss 2 Cross Another Great Lake for Mental Health

At age 24, our friend Jason Kloss became the youngest person to swim the 65 km crossing of Lake Huron. His grandfather had completed that swim three decades earlier. Jason raised $22,000 for cancer research and his life changed forever. He met a beautiful reporter, my former colleague Avery, who was covering the event. They just celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary, and they have a five-year-old daughter. And now he’s set his sights on Lake Ontario.

Update: Rick Bigg RIP

I wrote just a month or so ago about London motorcycle rider, Rick Bigg, and his sudden diagnosis with terminal cancer. Rick died on Saturday and the fundraiser for his widow, Laurie, goes on as planned this weekend. (My original post on Rick and Laurie appears HERE.) ¬†Rick had hoped to take one more ride, but it seems he never got his wish.¬† …