Local Harveys

In smaller cities in a less glitzy industry with a tinier career and projects at stake, I went through some of what Harvey Weinstein’s victims experienced. That doesn’t make me special; it’s ordinary. We women share these stories like soldiers reminiscing about being in battle. It’s everywhere and I’m willing to bet that there’s one …

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Harassment at Work

The province’s politicians got into a debate at the legislature about whether government is doing enough to stop harassment, specifically sexual harassment, in the workplace. Harassment in some form or another has been present at virtually every radio job I’ve had and it doesn’t matter whether or not the target is you, the fact that …

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Pretty Good Story

Did you hear about the British woman who says she’s too pretty to work?  She claims she can’t function in any job because she’s just so beautiful that men won’t leave her alone and being employed becomes too troublesome.