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Our London No Longer

“Increased geographic synergies”. Just typing that bullshit sentence makes my blood pressure spike. Yesterday, Torstar and Postmedia swapped nearly two-dozen newspapers for the sole purpose of shutting them down, and reducing competition. Hundreds of people will lose their jobs, including my friends at Our London, for whom I write a biweekly column. They have about six weeks left before the padlock goes on the door. …

Our London Article About First Thing

Last week, Sean Meyer of Our London dropped into CJBK to interview Mike and me about our new morning show. I’ve known Sean’s work for years, but this was the first time we met face to face. And he obviously tuned right into the easy, fun way that Mike and I communicate. For a guy I never really met until we were paired up, I have to say I totally lucked out with Mr. Stubbs.