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“Increased geographic synergies”. Just typing that bullshit sentence makes my blood pressure spike. Yesterday, Torstar and Postmedia swapped nearly two-dozen newspapers for the sole purpose of shutting them down, and reducing competition. Hundreds of people will lose their jobs, including my friends at Our London, for whom I write a biweekly column. They have about six weeks left before the padlock goes on the door.

CEOs can put whatever buzzwords they want on it but this move is about one thing: shareholders. That’s why they’re killing the only local news source in many communities. Another part of one of the statements read that, “..we will be able to put a greater focus on regions where we believe we can be more effective in serving both customers and clients.” Translation: We will extend the reaches of our bigger properties into the smaller areas and hope to acquire their advertising dollars.

Google “Paul Godfrey bonus”.  Read the Q and A with him from the February 2017 issue of Toronto Life. Excuse me, I need to meditate for a couple of minutes or my heart will explode.

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Thank you for your patience.

This means more than tossing experienced and talented journalists to the wolves, although that’s part of it. It also means a reduction of skeptical people watching politics and politicians for us. The result is fewer opinions to consider as you seek to broaden your understanding of the issues. But this is the reality we live in. As long as we all understand the pecking order:



CEOs’ favourite executives

Other executives


Seven layers of manure

Local managers




4 thoughts on “Our London No Longer”

  1. You nailed it. I don’t understand places like Barrie not having a newspaper any more but three or four surviving in the Niagara Region. All dollars, no sense. I’m so sorry for you and your comrades at Our London. And everyone whose dream was journalism and whose reality is something completely new come 2018.

  2. Cavan Kelly

    Looks about right. Especially the part about the subscriber/reader/consumer not making the list at all.

    1. Cavan Kelly

      We woke up to a note in our door saying that the issue of Northumberland Today that we got on Monday would be the last. They will be in touch in the very near future to discuss our subscription.

      What possible sense does in make to trade all these papers and immediately shut them down? Would that not have been better handled by the previous owner? Why would Torstar be so willing to refund subscriptions that were paid to Postmedia? Maybe it will balance out in the end but why bother?

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