The Grand Theatre

bunch of dressed up kids dancing at their prom

Grand Idea

UPDATE: At its meeting Tuesday night, the TVDSB agreed to reinstate its $15,000 funding for Prom Queen. The Board Chair and other members spoke passionately about how the original decision didn’t reflect where they are as an organization. From the Catholic Board: crickets.

People around the world gathered for Women’s Marches on the weekend in protest, and to mark, Donald Trump’s first anniversary as President. They’re fighting social conservatism and a government that values a watered-down version of The Handmaid’s Tale. Hundreds turned out in my city’s downtown. …

Review: The Addams Family Musical

Every year, The Grand Theatre in London devotes its stage to a production put on by the best the city’s high schools have to offer. The result is as professional, and as well-attended, as any of the other shows at The Grand. It’s been a launching pad for many professional careers because these kids, who audition and rehearse just like any other performers, are the cream of the crop from local performing arts courses.  …