How The Other Half Lives

Today the reporter becomes the reportee.

I’m driving to Toronto for a couple of TV shoots.   Season three of Whatever Happened To is wrapping up with one more instalment and I’m shooting segments for a show being produced for Star TV.  It’s raining.  I now live in London.  Toronto is a 2 hour drive on the best of days.  So I’m allowing 3 hours.

I’ve always known the importance of traffic and weather together on the 1’s and I recall that on wet days, drivers lose their minds and move like hypoglycemic snails on the highways.  But today I will experience the frustrations and palpitations first hand, as I haven’t really done in more than a decade.  (Leaving for work at 3:20 am has its perks!) 

So wish me luck.  Wish me safety.  And for goodness sake, stay outta my way!