Props to my Peeps

Everybody who’s ever analyzed a BBM (Bureau of Broadcast Measurement) ratings release knows you can manipulate the numbers six ways to Sunday and make your station look like a leader in a category. 

Sure, that category might be left-handed carpenters who work exclusively with light oak but you’ve got the most of them listening so you may as well brag!

But there are some numbers that defy manipulation.  Take cume for example.  Cume is the cumulative audience that listens to your station.  And in the last ratings period, fall of ’08 or “S4” as it’s known, 680 News once again had the most and the number grew from the last time the measurement was taken.

Congratulations to my former morning show team and everyone else involved with putting the product on 680 News.  It was my last hurrah with the station and it’s wonderful to go out on a high note with the team I miss and love.  And I hope the next “book” is even bigger for them!