Branching Out

For many years I’ve enjoyed mentoring young broadcasters; those who want to be in the business and those who already are.  A lot of veterans my age have no time for the next generation but it seems to me that they’re now expected to come out of school major-market ready and they’re eager and in need of some direction. With PD’s and ND’s piloting more than one station, and entire networks, they don’t have enough time to really work with those who need it the most. Even those who have been in the business for some time can use a bit of objective analysis and course correction. This is where I come in. 

At the top of my homepage you’ll see a section called “aircheck”.  It’s a new service I’m offering to anyone of any level of experience who uses their voice for a living – an objective, practical and constructive critique of your work.  And it’s at a ridiculously low price because I don’t plan to retire on it -I genuinely believe that my quarter century of experience has given me a lot to offer.

Why me?  Why not any of the other scads of radio types with as much or more experience?

1.  I want to do it!  I genuinely want to be a part of the solution for the industry.  The point of this sideline of Lisa Brandt Creative Services is to improve and empower the broadcaster.

2.  Not everyone else can pinpoint specific areas in need of improvement and explain them in a way that gets practical results.  I can and have.

3.  I’ve seen for myself that most broadcasters are simply craving feedback, positive or negative.  They just want to improve and grow but there’s no one available to give them that info.  It’s not the boss’s fault; she or he is being pulled in a million directions.  So I can fill that gap.

4.  I have the time to devote to scrutinizing an aircheck and the bonus for the talent is, they’re not in the room with me – which can be very uncomfortable!

5.  Did I mention that I really want to do it?  With the best of intentions and the aim of using the same methods I used at Humber and Mohawk Colleges, 680 News, and in my off time as just someone people “go to” for advice, because they know I won’t sugar coat it but I’ll also be fair.

At every point along the way, until this day, I’ve always liked to get feedback on my work.  Criticism helps us grow if it’s direct, gentle and constructive.  That’s exactly what I’m offering now.