Real Women Gathering

My affiliation with Real Women Magazine is something I’m very proud of.   Real Women was started from scratch just a few years ago by Shelly Wilson, a brilliant, energetic pro with an entrepreneurial spirit.  As the mag. has grown, it’s spread from London to KW and beyond and through subsciptions booked online, it’s now province wide.  The website,, shows where it wants to go – nationwide.  I’ve been the “She Said” in the “He Said She Said” advice column for many months now and I’m also contributing major feature articles to several ’09 issues.

Yesterday, DB and I co-emceed the first annual Real Women Live! here in London.  It was a day long event, packed with interesting and varied speakers and broken up by a delicious gourmet lunch.  It oozed class and, frankly, value. 

From Wil Herold of the Eclectic Company in St. Thomas, we learned the basics of Feng Shui.  As a result, in this home, we’re completely changing the arrangement of one room based on the concept and simply because it also makes functional sense.   Dr. Julie Chen presented info on supplements, which we women tend to take buckets of, never knowing if they’re actually creating the desired effects.  Medium Heather Jones presented her sixth sense, live on stage.  Image Consultant Susan Jacobs shared some secrets of putting together a practical and useable wardrobe.  Sex educator Kelly Garland surprised and delighted us with a guide to a better orgasm. And keynote speaker Kate Davis shared her insight into using humour to defuse life’s everyday stresses.  It was an engaging and practical line-up.  Every one of the speakers gave us something to use in our own lives.  What a great day!

Real Women Live will no doubt expand into other markets.  Some men attended too, and they were made to feel welcome and even said they took away some info they could use.  I wish every gig was this enjoyable.  If you do get Real Women Mag, look for me on the back page and, beginning next year, here and there with feature stories on some fascinating (I hope!) topics.  I also hope I can be a part of this adventure for a long time as Shelly and her core team grow Real Women to new heights.