Save The Plant

If you have a green thumb, I need your help.

Under the photo gallery “home stuff” I’ve posted a photo of a plant I’m trying to figure out.  It’s healthy but it only has two leaves! It had three but this week the third one turned yellow and fell off.  Now it just looks…silly. 

I don’t know what kind of plant it is.  Its origin is a bulb, by the look of it.  It would be a nice one if it had all sorts of leaves coming out of it but I’m not sure how to inspire it to grow more.  Do I cut it back?  Should I go some other way? 

The plant draws comments about how ridiculous it looks.  Its the potted version of Charlie Brown’s sad little Christmas tree.  I don’t want to kill it because it clearly wants to live!  But I’d like it to realize its full potential.  Ideas are welcome at .  The plant and I thank you.