A Have-To-Much Holiday

The Daily Beast reports the silly-rich are starting a new trend. 

They’re still buying their baubles and $2,000. sweaters but now they’re asking high end retailers to put their purchases in unmarked bags.  They don’t want to appear gluttonous in this time of economic restraint for the little people so there’ll be no more foo-foo logos screaming out to everyone that, hey, I have more money than sense! 

Wealthy female shoppers are also taking a cue from their less well off counterparts and splitting big purchases between several credit cards.  But they’re not doing it because they otherwise couldn’t afford the items.   No, it’s to avoid giving their husbands sticker shock.  There’s nothing worse than being told the days of four Hermes scarves on one shopping trip is one scarf too many.  Oh the humanity!

Tom Cruise – who I seem to have a bit of blogopia about lately – knows what the people want. He’s in touch with the people.  The people talk to him and when the people talk, Tom Cruise listens.  That’s exactly why Tom Cruise is starring in a Nazi film at Christmastime.  Because the people have apparently said that nothing says yuletide like the extermination of millions of innocents.  Thanks for listening, Tom Cruise.  We’ll be there with our big bucket of popcorn to watch you this holiday season!