DIY Fixes

So I decided to paint the downstairs bathroom. 

It’s a small room that had been entirely painted (except for the ceiling) with a cheap, aqua-hued product put on very thinly, over baseboards, walls, you name it.  With the understanding that I would work on it when I felt like it (no pressure, please!) I got to work.  I primed the entire room, our kitchen dude painted the ceiling for me and I set out to apply a fresh layer of a meadow green.  It’s a rich-looking colour and a higher end paint.  So far so good!

I’ve read all of the guides and over the years I’ve purchased special little doodads but I still can’t get the hang of doing the corners where the wall meets the ceiling.  I tape, I’m careful and…I suck at it!  It’s all wavy and uneven and there are even a few little splotches on the ceiling that I can’t quite explain.  The reason for taking my time and not rushing is so that I don’t mess things up.  But I messed it up slowly anyway.

So now what do I do?  The colour is on all of the walls (looking good!) and today or tomorrow I will tackle the trim and the doors with a nice, soft white.  But those edges are calling out at me with their obvious unprofessionalism.  Any and all advice is welcome.  I have to do something before Howie the painting/reno/reface/installation genius comes back on Wednesday.  He won’t mock me outright.  He’s too kind for that.  But I’ll see the disappointment on his face and that’s a pitying look I’d like to avoid!

UPDATE: Everyone who wrote (thank you!) recommended the little pad with wheels that makes straight lines.  I used it to fix some of the more obvious waves in my hand-made line but next time I will make it my go-to tool for starting the job.  Thanks for the help!