Better Than Buttoned

Parkinsons is slowly encroaching on the life of my Dad.

But Derek had a great idea and I tried it and it works beautifully.  Dad’s having trouble lately with doing little niggling things with his fingers, like getting shirt buttons through button holes.  So I bought some fabric Velcro and worked a little magic on one of Dad’s shirts.  I fixed Velcro behind the button holes and removed the buttons and sewed them on the front of the button holes.  To the world, when the shirt is done up, it looks like it’s buttoned.  There isn’t a shred of evidence to the contrary!  But for my Dad, it’s just a couple of tugs or presses on the velcro away from getting off or on.

I’m going to do the same procedure on more of his favourite buttoned shirts.  I’d suggest this solution for anyone who’s having issues with manual dexterity.  The Velcro is permanently attached (with a hot iron – be careful!) and it can be machine washed or dry-cleaned without coming apart.  It took maybe 20 minutes to alter one shirt which is nothing compared to the benefit it has for the wearer.  This special Velcro is sold in Michaels and, I’m quite certain, in other fabric and notions stores.  I hope it’s helpful for the ones you love, as well.