Bits of Tid

The obesity problem in North America is so widespread (pun intended) that clothing manufacturers are now refusing to divulge the “average” size dress women wear. 

It used to be 10, then 12 and then 14.  Now clothing makers say many “average” women are buying their fashions in “regular” stores as well as in plus-size shops.  Of course, part of the problem with determining an average is that they’ve never established a benchmark for sizes.  Essentially the more you pay, the smaller your size.  And you could be a M in some stores and an XL in others.  It’s a manipulative tactic I’ve been annoyed by for decades. 

Heather Mills, formerly McCartney, is being sued by her and Paul’s former nanny who claims that she was forced to spray tan a naked Heather and stay up late to blow-dry her hair.   Yet another female is after Paul’s millions.  This time they’ve been filtered through an ex-wife. 

In a music store yesterday I heard the most irritating, awful screeching sound set to a modern beat.  It made me want to jam knitting needles into both eardrums while running for the exit, screaming at the top of my lungs to drown out the hideous sounds. Instead, when I approached the counter to make my purchase I calmly asked the clerk what it was we were listening to.  “Oh!” she replied cheerfully and full of far too much glee for such a torturous situation.  “That’s the new Britney Spears album!”  Argh.