No Go Trains

The province’s train service is letting riders down again.

Go Transit is cancelling several of its trains along the busy Lakeshore line in and out of Toronto, because of the winter storm and problems with snow and ice build-up.

When do people want to take Go Transit the most?  When there’s inclement weather and they don’t want to drive.  When does Go have the most service issues? When the most people want to ride it.

A couple of winters ago trains were constantly being cancelled because switches were freezing.  Now it’s snow and ice.  If they kept enough trains running, snow and ice wouldn’t have a chance to build up!  This is Canada where snow, ice and freezing temperatures are a way of life in the winter but it’s apparently too much to ask to have our tax dollars pay for equipment that can withstand the elements.  It’s insane. 

I feel sorry for the people who relied on Go to get into work this morning.  They’ll be herded like cattle aboard too few trains that will take forever to get them home tonight.  Moo, Go Transit. You ought to be sheepish about your service.