Unwanted Callers

I’ve been getting some strange phone calls lately and it turns out that I’m not alone. 

They seem to be coming from Argentina and perhaps Ghana.  I answered one early this morning and the caller, a man, yelled at me in a language I didn’t understand.  When I said he had the wrong number he hurled out one final epithet (I can only assume) and hung up.  The call had that satellite-delayed echo one can only get when talking oveseas.

There’s a whole subculture out there on the web of people who are trying to warn other people about these annoying calls. No one seems to know why they’re coming with such frequency or how we are being targeted and for what, but it’s a definite phenomenon that’s bugging the heck out of cellphone users in North America.

The answer is obvious: Ignore a call when you don’t recognize the number and that’s what I’ll do.  But curiousity got to me at 6:45 am when this latest call came in.  There’s a little nagging doubt that perhaps someone I know was on a foreign trip, and had drugs planted on them and they’re imprisoned in a primitive dungeon with only enough battery power left to make one phone call….