I was one of the first of my peer group to get on Facebook and now I use it regularly.  But does that put me on top of what’s hot?  Apparently not!  Facebook is, like, so last year! 

Now all the young trendsetters are on Twitter.  I’ve read about Twitter but I have tried to avoid it simply because I don’t think the world needs another forum for a shout-out from me and everyone I know about what we’re doing at any given moment!  But now there’s a local radio forum that Twitters…or Twits…whatever the term is.  I was told about it by students I talked to at Fanshawe College yesterday.  They seem to think I could add something to their Twitting.  Or Twittering.  I really don’t know the terminology!

Bottom line: I guess I’ll have to visit the Twitter community and find out if Twittering is something I want to do. Some seem to think that Facebook will become old school, like newsgroups, another passing online fad I never did dive into.  So look out Twits!  Here I come, ready or not.