Comments are Here!

In response to a bunch of comments about comments and the lack of them in response to my blogs, I’m happy to say that the ability to leave them has now arrived!

My webmaster, the fabulous Robin, has made this happen.  I’ve heard from a bunch of readers that they’d like to leave their thoughts on some of the issues I raise and opinions I share, so, so be it!  They will be moderated to exclude cranks and weirdos!   But if you’ve got something you want to say, peck it out and it will be shared with my blog readers and perhaps inspire some spirited discussions.  Please play nicely and with respect for each other.  You have my thanks in advance.

2 thoughts on “Comments are Here!”

  1. It was just too tempting to NOT comment when it taunts you with “No Comments! Be The First!” Who would NOT want to be the FIRST at anything?!

    Happy to be able to comment, Lisa! Love your blog!


  2. i have a twitter as well. it takes a few hours to get used to, but once you do, i find that it is a very convenient way to keep people updated.

    i was in attendance at the lecture you gave at fanshawe friday.

    i think you would be a great influence on me and my future radio career. i have a blog.

    shameless self promotion, i know.

    ps. i was the one who got up and left halfay through because i had an appointment. i also made a question about your promotion.

    keep in touch.

    Oscar Molineros
    Future Radio Star

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