Remind me never to say I’ve seen it all.  Because something new always comes along that you can never predict.  The newest thing is called Flabuless. 

It’s an invention designed to combat what my pal Erin Davis calls the “Hello Ednas” many women acquire later in life.  Yes, the horrors of upper arm flab that continues waving at Edna long after you’ve stopped.  Flabuless is basically a tension bandage with a bit of fashion savvy to it that you hike up your arm to control the flab.  There’s even a shrug-type cover-up for more formal wear. 

Yes ladies, now you can overcome the humiliation of having your arm flab move independently from your body by strangling it with lycra.

This business is a going concern.  A pair of these things is $65 US.  Happy customers are raving about the difference Flabuless has made in their lives. 

To each their own, I suppose.  But it can’t be good to restrict any part of the body for hours at a time.  I guess it’s safer than surgery.  And if it helps a woman’s self esteem, well, what the heck.  Life’s short and Edna really only needs you to give her a brief wave.