House Proud post script – Airblade sightings!

It’s not just a European phenomenon after all.

Despite a distinct lack of information about the Dyson Airblade’s invasion of Canada, scads of Toronto Sun readers who sent me emails following my last House Proud column tell me the amazing hand dryer is indeed making its way into our fair land.

Ann tells me the Pen Centre in St. Catharines features the Airblade in its washrooms.   Methinks it’s high time I hiked back over to St. Kitts to do a little shopping and dry my hands.  

Merrill says a tourist kiosk off the QEW near Grimsby has one.  She makes a wonderful suggestion that all hospitals should have them in their loos.  Agreed!

Kirk is a long haul trucker who has used an Airblade in Indiana rest areas.   Brock sees them in the Atrium on Bay in downtown Toronto.   Miriam encountered the Airblade in a food court restroom above the York Mills subway station.  Unfortunately she was in the men’s room!  We still don’t know if Airblade is in the ladies’ there.  Kerry says Moxie’s restaurant in London has the Airblade, too.  I’ve had dinner there but I guess I’ve never used the loo.  My Dad tells me they are installed in the Niagara Falls Casino washrooms but he says they’re too noisy.  I don’t remember noise being a problem when I first encountered the gizmo so maybe the Casino’s version is on the fritz.

Everyone who has written agrees that this thing is a revolution in public restroom hand drying.  You’ve simply got to try it to learn what all of the fuss is about!