Idol Contenders

Now that I’m not reacting to a 2:30 am alarm every day I can stay up past 8 pm and see what the fuss is about. 

Part of that fuss is American Idol.  Was it PT Barnum who said “Never underestimate the stupidity of the television-watching public when there’s nothing else on but sitcom reruns”?  I paraphrase.

Why in the world did they add a fourth judge?  She’s beautiful, to be sure, but is she just there for leverage to make sure Paula (who looks like she could be her Mom) behaves herself?  She doesn’t add much in the way of content.  Having seen under Simon’s crabby veneer on Top Gear and Biography, he’s much more likeable now.  But Randy is the only sane one of the bunch.

Its the contestants who are delusional! This is nothing new from seasons past except that you’d think they would have a little more sense about what talent is…and isn’t.  From the heavy-haired guy who sang a slowed down, nearly unrecognizable version of Walking On Sunshine to the gal who popped the finger to everyone on her way out after dressing like a tranny dominatrix, they’re locomotives barreling toward stalled cars on the tracks of life.

Some very pretty and mildly talented women have been sent on to Hollywood.  By comparison, few male wannabes have been shown, save for Alan Osmond’s very attractive son and the story of his battle with MS, just like his famous Dad. 

The whole series is entirely manipulative, completely staged and inspiration for near constant squirming in empathy for the embarrassment of most of those who are trying out.  Oh yeah, I’ll continue to watch, even if only to see how far one of the contestants with a well-known professional resume (against the rules) gets in the competition.  She’s a plant, you know it.  But it’s American Idol and like the 800 pound gorilla, it can do whatever it wants to.