Q’est-ce Que C’est le Bike Show?

The World of Motorcycles Expo is less than one month away.  People often hear or see me refer to “the bike show” and how I’m helping out with “the bike show” and that I’m looking forward to “the bike show”.  Well, this is “the bike show” I’m referring to!  Feb 6-8, Western Fairgrounds London.

I only know in a peripheral sense what goes into making this show successful every year.  A lot of sweat and tears are involved, that’s for sure.  But it’s a fun show and I’d attend even if I weren’t involved.  This year, I’ve taken on the role of Publicist – a gig that’s perfect for me.

So what’s at the show?  First of all, it’s family friendly.  This isn’t a venue where only grizzled old riders are welcome. There’s a rock climbing wall for the kids, strolling magicians to make their eyes widen and lots for them to see and even sit on and ride.  Those under age 7 get in free.  The new models are on site, vintage bikes, custom choppers and other gorgeous bikes competing for more than 10 grand in prizes in an independently juried competition.  Leather vendors sell their wares, there’ll be live tattooing on site (which, even if you’d never consider a tat of your own, you have to admit is pretty cool to witness!) and loads of other things to see, do, buy and hear.

Friday night is ladies night.  Women get in for 7 bucks instead of 13.  We’re going to have a vendor we pushed and pushed for – a woman who sells wrap skirts that can be folded into the size of a wallet.  As someone who’s been on a long-haul bike trip and somehow fit a week’s worth of stuff into a little saddlebag, a girlie bit of clothing that doesn’t take up much room is a very welcome item.  She usually sells this stuff at summer festivals but I think she’ll clear out her stock at the bike show.  I may even buy a second one.

It’s fascinating to see who rides, from little kids starting out in the dirt to retirees and their tricked out Honda Goldwings to the die-hard Harley types.  I’m a new licensee who owns my first bike and I’ve still got a lot to learn.  The World of Motorcycles is the place to do it. 

The show is open on Friday 4-8, Saturday 9-9 and Sunday 10-5.  I’ll be one of the people in a Staff shirt running around doing whatever needs to be done.  Check it out at www.worldofmotorcyclesexpo.com and perhaps we’ll see you there!