What I Want for 2009

I’d like a calmer year, with less change, personally and professionally, to the big pictures of my life.

I couldn’t possibly make any bigger changes than the ones I made this year.  I got divorced after 14 years of marriage.  I moved to London, leaving Toronto and the security of a great job 680 News behind, in search of less predictability and more freedom.  I’m living what the kids call “in sin”, happily and with my eyes and heart wide open. Now that I’ve done all of these things I want them to stick!

But I’m remaining open to some changes within the big scheme of things. I will improve my physical self.  I got lazy and self indulgent.  It’s high time to take better care of my body.

I’m optimistic about THE future and MY future.  I predict a successful and unpredictable year, whose flow I pledge to go with and enjoy the ride.  I will choose fun over mundane and routine duty and adventure over sameness.  I’ll nurture my soul and encourage it to grow when the opportunities present themselves.  I’ll learn new things and test my limits.  I hope to surprise myself some more.  As the lyrics to the sitcom theme for One Day At A Time so wisely say, this is it! This is life, the one you get, so go and have a ball!