The Consulting Game

Launching a business isn’t for the faint of heart.  I love the excitement of it but it’s also a stressful, unpredictable endeavour.  Then again, that’s also part of what I love about it.

“Consultant” is a bad word for half of the broadcasting industry – the half that actually does the broadcasting!  So I prefer to call myself a “talent coach”.   I’m happy to say that my clients seem very happy with my work and I truly love doing it.  My aim is to empower the broadcaster to be the best that they can be.  Sure, I criticize, but along with those particular comments come practical solutions and ways of wrapping one’s head around why a particular approach should/could/can be improved.  It’s philosophy mixed with tangible applications that help an announcer get closer to their goal. 

Yesterday I had a crop of airchecks come in that made my jaw drop!  In 6 to 8 short weeks, two of my clients had made such vast improvements in their work that I actually had to double and triple check that I wasn’t mixing them up with someone else.  I confirmed and reconfirmed that their previous work was truly theirs – and it was.  And I was thrilled!  It’s my reason for launching Lisa Brandt Creative Services.  When I was a budding broadcaster there were precious few people to turn to for coaching.   Oh, I had Dick Joseph at CKSL back in the day, who was kind enough to cut me down like a sapling when I needed it.  His best piece of advice?  Stop showing up in sweatshirts and jeans if you want to impress the higher ups!  Dress for success!   That didn’t help my on-air performance but it did help my career.

These days, Program and News Directors are also pseudo-GM’s and sales managers.  They want to work with their talent but at the end of the day, there just isn’t always enough time.  So they hire some high-priced consultant out of the US and have them listen to a tape of their shows and jot down some notes.  (If you’re not in radio and you’re shocked that this is how it often works, well, consider yourself informed!)  I offer a cost-effective, homegrown alternative to that.  And if you’re interested in my service, please check the page titled “aircheck” and drop me a line.