Saab Story, and Others

Saab has filed for bankruptcy protection.  GM and Chrysler want eleven million squillion billion dollars … or else!   Harley Davidson had big lay-offs not long ago.   There’s only one solution!  Go Zero! 

The Zero electric motorcycle, a product of California, was a huge hit at the World of Motorcycles Expo.  It’s only 150 lbs, emissionless, virtually soundless and has all the get up and go of a gas powered rival.  In fact, the Zero won 6 out of 8 races at the show against an equally experienced rider on a gas bike.  It’s the way of the future, kids.  Two off-road models are available now with a street bike on its way in no time at all. 

I feel a bit like the guy from the razor commercials.  “I was so impressed, I bought the company!”  Well, I didn’t buy the company but my partner in life and business is now the region’s rep for Zero here.   It’s amazing technology and it’s practical as well as being green.  We’re all looking for ways to make a difference to our bottom line and for something positive and hopeful.  For us, it’s Zero.  You can even watch some of the races from the bike show on youtube.  We think you’re going to see a lot of them around, very soon.