Updates on Things

In a previous posting I shared the supposed interest a producer of Steven and Chris (CBC-TV) had in profiling me on the program.  They have my photos.  I have no news!  I have been too busy to check out the show myself so I have no idea if something was done in my absence or if they’re still considering it or…

I also posted about our decision to make loans to budding third world entrepreneurs through kiva.org.  Since then, I’ve been getting updates on how my “friends'” businesses are faring and there have already been some repayments to me.  What happens is, I now have a Kiva account and when my loans are repayed, I’m encouraged to relend the money to another worthy recipient.  And there’s just no good reason not to, so I probably will.

When I moved back to London I was aware that it snowed here more than in Toronto.  I remembered!  And I have read enough weather updates to remember the oft-repeated line, “Higher snowfall amounts expected in the London area.”  But I (and apparently many long-time Londoners) don’t have to like it!  Snow isn’t even really useful, unless you like to play in it.  Unfortunately, when it falls in this region, it’s usually too darn cold for playing.  So, go away already.  Forget what groundhogs and meteorologists and trick knees have to say about the forecast and just STOP already, ok?!