An Expense That Makes Sense

This morning’s Free Press reports on a financial boost to the organ transplant research team at UWO.

Burying perfectly good organs with their owners has never made much sense to me when others are literally dying to have those lungs, kidneys and livers.  The Freeps tells the story of a man whose 3 kidney transplants didn’t take and he was ready to just let nature take its course and slowly take him out rather than endure any more dialysis but his wife insisted he try again, and with one of her own kidneys. (That, kids, is what love is.)  He was only 50. (That, kids, is not old!)  This story has a happy ending with a wife having one less kidney and a husband having one good one that’s doing what it’s supposed to and giving him back his freedom.

I can’t remember another time, recently, when I’ve felt government money was actually going to something I approved of but this is certainly one of those rare occasions.  It will help researchers figure out how to make organs “take” to their new hosts more often and with fewer complications. 

Frankly, I hope I get too old and wear out my inner parts before I’m done with them but if not, they’re to be plucked out if possible and adopted out to people whose lives depend on them.  No other choice makes any sense to me.  Simon Cowell wants to be frozen whole and brought back to life in the future because he’s just so darn incredible and special in his own mind and believes the world would benefit greatly by his second coming!  (And I actually like the guy!)  Not me.  Take out the good bits and barbecue the rest and hopefully some good will come to someone who’s been suffering and worrying and just wants another chance to live.