Crazy Stars

Let’s assess the nuttiness level one apparently needs to attain to be a celebrity, shall we? 

Just weeks after receiving a pummeling at his hand, singer Rhianna has apparently reunited with Chris Brown and they’re trying to “work it out.”  Hey kids, here’s how to work it out!  Chris, stop giving her bloody lips and Rhianna, go find a man who will stop giving you bloody lips.  In other words, stay the hell away from each other.

Siegfried and Roy reunited for one last time with the Bengel tiger that mauled Roy 6 years ago and left him partially paralyzed.  It was a charity event.  What’s next?  Yoko Ono recording a benefit song with Mark David Chapman?  One audience member at the show said, “You could see how nervous Roy was and that he stayed far away from Montecore.”  Well sure, once bitten….

On a live BBC1 interview, Bono called Coldplay frontman Chris Martin a “wanker” and a “cretin” while admitting that Mr. Gwynneth Paltrow is “a genius melodist”.  The interviewer asked Bono to apologize and he sort of did, before repeating his insults and then later blaming them on it being too “early in the day” for him.  Too early for him to what, be nice?