Have Voice, Will Travel – Via Email!

Lisa Brandt Creative Services is now wired for sound – the sound of my voice!

The voice-over and commercial aspect of my services are now rolling again.  It’s amazing what you can do with a great microphone, a good audio editing program and a laptop. Not that long ago we would have believed that you need an entire, sound-proofed room with all sorts of doodads and whatnots!  I suppose that is still true if you’re working with a producer and mixing music and other sounds into your project.  But I’m doing one thing only: recording my voice.

The tests are complete and it’s all a “go”.  I now have the ability to record voice-overs for video, commercials, those “on hold” announcements for telephone systems – whatever relies on a professional, recorded voice.  And if it’s a guy you need, well, there’s an experienced one just down the hall who can do everything I can do in a lower range!  (You can hear him evenings and Saturday mornings on BOB-FM London.) Turnaround is quick.  Please email if you’re interested, through this website.