Bonus Madness

There’s something about some people who rise through the ranks of their profession to the very top, where their word is law and their decisions have a direct impact on the lives of those on lower rungs of the ladder.  Some people forget what it was like to be in the rank and file.

I’m all for happy capitalism (tm Lou Schizas) but I’m not all for being repulsively greedy. 

The fat cats at AIG in the US are being “asked” to give back “half” of their multi-million dollar bonuses. These a-holes have actually been rewarded with federal bailout money for ruining a financial institution and the lives of thousands of people!  In my understanding, a bonus is given out for a job WELL done.  They could not have done their job any worse! 

Even as the CBC cancels shows and prepares to lay off hundreds of staff, the top brass are bragging to those same employees that executive bonuses will be reduced by 50 percent and top salaries frozen next year.  And they really think that’s going to come off like a sacrifice!!   “Here’s your pink slip buddy.  But keep in mind that I’m only getting 25 grand in one hunk, not 50!  That should take the sting out of your situation! ”

These people have lost perspective.  I have no time for my fellow humans who are walking this earth with nothing more than “what’s in it for me” on their minds.  If they’re not embarrassed and making some sort of karmic amends, they’re no one I want to know.