Lotto Losers

Two brothers are furious with OLG after discovering their lottery tickets had misprints and errors on them.

They only made the discovery the day after the draw and they’re outraged and upset and blah freakin’ blah.  The day AFTER the draw?  What about realizing that the tickets are printed by, oh, um, let’s see… oh yeah, PRINTERS that need paper fed into them and ink replenished and are managed by fallible humans?  So you should check your ticket when it’s printed and handed to you, dudes. 

Why do so many of our brothers and sisters expect perfection and want someone to atone when it turns out that life isn’t perfect?  Personal responsibility goes out the window and words like “unreliable” are tossed around like Nerf balls.  I’m no fan of the OLG.  They’ve messed up a lot with their gaming operations, specifically scratch and lose tickets.  But this attitude of having to blame someone for an imperfection that you yourself also let slide…it galls me.  I would respect these guys if they had come forward and said, hey, don’t let what happened to us happen to you. Check your tickets and make sure they’re printed properly.  Because there are no guarantees in life especially when it comes to the actions of man or machine.