Site Out of Sight

Sorry if you dropped by earlier today or late yesterday and got an error message on this website.  Some of you have told me you’ve had problems posting comments recently, too.  That’s as frustrating for me as it is for you but apparently it has been fixed. (I’m taking bets on how long before the first email comes in telling me it’s not!) 

The main server where my site and many others are hosted had a major failure and everything had to be moved.  It happens.  Nothing’s perfect!  But I also know from the many websites that I visit that when you get an error message, sometimes a “refresh” is all that’s needed. Beyond that, my webmaster has checked and rechecked everything and it works the way it should. 

I’m hoping these glitches that seem to have affected just a small handful of visitors are all corrected now because I’ve done everything I can do.  I love getting your comments, good and bad, whatever you want to say, so please chat away!  And thanks, as always, for coming by.